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Explore the Impact of Digitalisation on Trade

DMCC Industry Digitalisation Index 2024 focuses on quantifying the changes in technology and how they have affected world trade.

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The Industry Digitalisation Index (IDI) tracks businesses’ digitalisation progress across sectors and spans four separate pillars of digitalisation in the processes of trade and general business activities.

These four pillars are:


This component studies how much businesses are digitalising their practices when it comes to connecting with external suppliers.


This measures how much businesses are digitalising their practices when it comes to connecting with their clients—be they consumers or other businesses.

Digital infrastructure

This final component looks at businesses’ progress in setting up a digital infrastructure to support the digitalisation of the production phases covered in the rest of the index.


This measures the extent to which businesses are digitalising their internal processes.

The index has been extensively updated to incorporate emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics, reflecting the latest advancements in these fields.

Upstream Digitalisation

The upstream component of the index showed significant room for improvement in enhancing digital supply chain management.

Downstream Digitalisation Score

The downstream score reflected a significant opportunity for businesses to enhance their digital client engagement strategies.

Production Digitalisation

Production processes show the lowest digitalisation score

Digital Infrastructure Scores 

Digital infrastructure remains the highest-scoring component of the digitalisation index.

Want to know why the Information and Communication sector is leading in digitalisation with a strong score of 50 on the index?

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