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DMCC’s Commodity Trade Index assesses and orders ten prominent commodity markets according to their influence on the import and export of primary commodities worldwide.

United States, Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, the UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, South Africa and Nigeria.

The Commodity Trade Index encompasses three main pillars:

Group 789 (1)

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The United States and the UAE have retained their top two positions from the previous report, demonstrating consistent strength in commodity trading.

Despite not leading in any specific pillar, the United States maintained robust scores above 50 across all categories. The UAE scored highest in the commodity endowment factors pillar due to its significant oil reserves.

Country Commodity endowment factors Locational and trading partner factors Institutional factors Index Score 2024 Index Rank 2022
United States 63% 54% 59% 59% 1
United Arab Emirates 77% 8% 66% 50% 2
Switzerland 12% 59% 69% 46% 4

The United States is the top trading hub on the 2024 index, with a score of 59%. It has maintained its position at the top since 2020, with robust scores of above 50% across the three pillars.

The UAE maintained second place on the 2024 commodity index with a score of 50%, unchanged from 2022.

Switzerland placed third on the Commodity Trade Index in 2024 with a score of 46%, moving up one position from the 2022 report. It holds the highest score for locational and trading partner factors and the third best for institutional factors.

What factors contributed to the decline in the Netherlands and the UK ranking in the 2024 Commodity Trade Index?