Future of Trade

Will geopolitical tensions give way to international cooperation? Can the global economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic? Uncover what the Future of Trade holds in the third edition of DMCC’s landmark report.

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Discover Concrete Research for an Ever-Shifting Global Trade Landscape

The Future of Trade report is a synthesis of global viewpoints on what the future holds based on research, data and interviews with business leaders and trade experts across eight key trade hubs: Dubai, London, Houston, Johannesburg, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Zurich.

Compiled by DMCC, the world’s flagship Free Zone and a Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise, over the past 12 months, the 2020 report examines an increasingly complex geopolitical environment on top of a global economy that has been severely hit by COVID-19. We take a closer look at how the ongoing pandemic will shape global trade in the 2020s, as established and new trading hubs focus on manufacturing, finance and technology in an effort to drive economic recovery.

What to Expect

The report's 2020 edition illustrates that the path towards trade growth is increasingly blocked and the way ahead is unclear. Our research, however, shows that a path ahead may be found by innovating trade policy, evolving trade-related infrastructure, refocusing efforts on sustainability, and seeking new forms of global cooperation finding new methods of global cooperation.

Global Trade in the Time of a Pandemic

Will geopolitical tensions give way to international cooperation to enable post-pandemic economic recovery?

Uncover what the Future of Trade holds in the 2020s.

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