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The Future of Trade

Defying predictions and driving the post-pandemic economic recovery

How Will Global Trade Change in a Post-Pandemic World?

Concrete Research For an Ever-Shifting Global Trade Landscape

The Future of Trade report is a synthesis of global viewpoints on what the future holds based on research, data and interviews with business leaders and trade experts. 

Compiled by DMCC, the world’s flagship Free Zone and a Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise, the 2021 edition of the report examines trade impacts from the increasingly complex geopolitical environment, transformative tech, coupled with the ongoing health crisis. 

Join us as we re-analyse the ongoing factors shaping the outlook on global trade in the 2020s.

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Key Findings for Global Trade Post COVID-19

Will geopolitical tensions give way to international cooperation to enable post-pandemic economic recovery?

Uncover what the Future of Trade holds in the 2020s.

Key Findings for Global Trade Post COVID-19

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