The Future of Trade Crypto Edition report is an exploration of how cryptocurrency and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) will transform how we trade, transact, and interact based on research, data, and input from key industry leaders.

Compiled by DMCC, the world’s flagship Free Zone and a Dubai Government Authority on commodities trade— this special edition report identifies the various risks and opportunities for DeFi, and whether DeFi can eventually revolutionise the industry as an alternative to traditional financial solutions.

Join us as we examine where decentralised finance is headed, and what this means for finance solutions on a global scale.


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Insights From Leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts

Key findings for the future of decentralised finance (DeFi)

Will DeFi deliver on its promise of a revolutionised borderless and accessible new financial ecosystem?

Understand how DeFi could fundamentally shift the 25 trillion U.S. Dollar trade industry as we know it.

Key Findings for the Future of Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

DeFi: A Potential Global Alternative to Traditional Finance Services

DeFi promises an alternative and transparent solution to traditional financial services and institutions that are opaque by design. Its innovative decentralised applications (dapps) empower players to access various services usually offered by traditional finance solutions but without the need for a centralised infrastructure.

Learn more about how DeFi compares against traditional solutions.

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DeFi Has Witnessed Unprecedented Growth Within the Past Year

DeFi has showcased staggering growth in the past years. In 2020, the total value locked across all DeFi protocols and platforms amounted to $20 billion USD. As of September 2021, that number has reached new peaks, totalling $260.91 billion USD. This comes as no surprise following reports that large institutional transactions ( > $10 million USD) account for the majority of DeFi’s transactions.

Download our report to explore the financial flows entering DeFi and what it means for trade.

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DeFi Opens the Door for Developing Markets

DeFi’s low barriers to entry make it an impermeable solution for some of the 1.7 billion people without easy access to traditional banking solutions. With many developing countries lacking financial infrastructure, DeFi provides accessibility and scalability that will be much easier to adopt than traditional finance solutions. However, the lack of internet access means DeFi’ ability to scale is reliant on the internet penetration rate, or mobile networks, in the developing areas of the world.

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges for DeFi in the developing world.

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DeFi Can Revolutionise The Trade Finance Sector at Its Core

Global trade is the backbone of economic growth, and in an increasingly interconnected world underpinned by the demands of a growing international consumer base, DeFi has the potential to revolutionise and streamline global trade and trade finance processes, thereby lowering barriers to entry for SMEs and aiding disadvantaged groups in operating channels by providing alternative channels for financing and liquidity.

Understand how DeFi can revolutionise trade finance and encourage further globalisation.

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DeFi Must Embrace Regulations to Ensure Legitimacy Without Stifling Innovation

DeFi must embrace checks and regulations to ensure that it will be regarded as a viable financial solution. However, it is up to regulators to develop and introduce appropriate regulatory frameworks to find the right balance between safeguarding users and encouraging innovation.

Explore how these regulatory measures could play out and the potential effects.

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Traditional Players Who Fail to Adopt DeFi Will Lose Out

The significant growth DeFi has experienced in the past year, coupled with the increasing participation it has garnered from major institutional players, hints toward a key shift in the recognition of DeFi as a legitimate alternative to traditional finance solutions. Users who fail to adopt this new technology may lose customers who opt for DeFi in lieu of traditional solutions.

Find out how traditional players may be impacted if they fail to adopt DeFi technology.

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